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There are also street names and nicknames for the various geographic regions where marijuana is produced. These names include: Acapulco Gold. Panama …

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Yes but in talking names for marijuana like trees, not all the different types. they call weed, seed in costa rica ,which she had on her list. My friends and I used to call it cerial as in I need a big bowl of cerial. My friends and I used to call it cerial as in I need a big bowl of cerial.

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The different marijuana names are very creative. Marijuana businesses or any legal aged individuals can own a link directly to any existing name or create a new strain name. First come first served, no duplicate names, all clicks go to you.

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Types of Weed Names. Indica plants grow short and stocky, and they have wider deeply serrated leaves, with a denser, more compact flower cluster. Sativa is more suited to outdoor growing, while indica is the best for growing indoors Indica vs. Sativa – The Benefits The benefits of smoking either indica or …

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Blue Dream – Hybrid. We have arrived at the single most popular strain of marijuana at the …

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Nicknames, Street Names and Slang for Marijuana Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 3:43 pm. we’ve compiled a list of common street names and nicknames for Marijuana and partying. Nicknames and Street Names for Marijuana * Weed * Pot * Reefer * Grass * Dope * Ganja * Mary Jane * Hash * Herb * Aunt Mary * Skunk

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Just like all plants, marijuana comes in a variety of types, and each of these types has its own street name. Most of these terms are derived from their geographical region of origin. Some of the most popular include: Acapulco Gold or just Gold. Texas Tea. Sinsemilla or just …