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This is a packaging of the project “Android PDF Viewer” ( into a reusable library to make PDF viewing easier from within your Android

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Pdf Viewer library for Android. Contribute to jblough/Android-Pdf-Viewer-Library development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Android PdfViewer. AndroidPdfViewer 1.x is available on AndroidPdfViewerV1 repo, where can be developed independently. Version 1.x uses different engine for drawing document on canvas, so if you don’t like 2.x version, try 1.x. Library for displaying PDF documents on Android, with animations, gestures, zoom and double tap support.

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I need a PDF library for manipulating a PDF documents, (creating PDF, image convertinng to PDF) and things like that but in Android. I tried the android itext port but the library project generates compile errors after I added it to my Project.

It seems that no one of the pure java pdf libraries will work with android because they use libraries that aren’t supported by android. I think I read that iText is interested in doing a port to android but thinks that google should support them if they did, haven’t got a source on that though.Best answer · 0This might help you.
PDF Library to rendering the PDF files in Android.
You can also try pdfbox.
You can chk this post. 0
Have a look at MuPDF.
MuPDF uses a very small footprint and has nearly-complete support for all features of PDF-1.7. It is the base for the quite popular (Windows) SumatraPDF viewer, but it has been ported to Android and iOS too.
Then also have a look at all the questions that have been asked on this website concerning MuPDF.0
IText seems to work fine.
To fix the affineTransform compilation issue you simply need to mark the “Micro PJAWT.jar” in iText for export in Eclipse so that your dependent project can use it for compilation purposes.0

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Android PDF Viewer library

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RadaeePDF is a library for developers who want to render, manipulate and annotate PDF files on Android, iOS and Windows 10. RadaeePDF SDK helps you to build better mobile applications. Using our featured PDF reader engine’s API and its set of professional features is now a …

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Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the default choice for a lot of people. Most of the …

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What is a good open source PDF reader component/library for iOS? What is a pdf reader for Android with a dictionary? I need to implement ePub reader for Android, can anybody suggest me which is the best open source or licensed library for EPub reader in Andro

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Aldiko Book Reader. Aldiko Book Reader is one of the older eBook reader apps. It’s also a great …

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The Leading Android PDF SDK. Build powerful Android apps that can view, edit, and annotate PDF, Microsoft Office, and other formats. Enjoy top-notch native performance, complete UI source code control, and Android v2.3+ support — all engineered for the best possible document experience on Android.

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Android PDF Solutions – Android PDF Library Toolkit and Android PDF Apps. Home » Android PDF Solutions. Android PDF Solutions. Android PDF Apps For end-users on Android phones & tablets. qPDF Viewer: Free, fast PDF reader for Android. qPDF Notes: Advanced PDF editor for Android. Android PDF Toolkit For developers to integrate into Android

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Sep 17, 2018 · Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader is an excellent free Android and iOS PDF reader that provides solid rendering and reading as well as a neat document scanning feature. PDF Reader …

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Jan 23, 2019 · Book Reader Interface Modern reading design Change theme and accent colors Night or daytime theme (Substratum friendly) Book display as a list or grid Change the size and look of book covers Library search Favorites list Recent list Notes and bookmarks in all formats Bookshelf (Library) Search for EPUB, FB2, PDF, etc. documents and create a


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Adobe Reader. With Adobe’s prevalence among PC users, it’s no surprise that its mobile offering …