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Geranium – Hardy geranium. Unlike the summer Pelargoniums, these Geraniums are hardy to Zone 5 and feature pleasantly fragrant – thus deer-resistant – foliage. They spread slowly to form long-blooming mats of color, useful as ground cover or front-of-the-border feature. Very popular in Europe.

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Oh, Deer. The geranium “Rozanne” is one such plant, and therefore earns the deer-resistant label it is often given. But experts at Rutgers University only give the plant a deer rating of “occasionally” severely damaged, rather than the “seldom” or “rarely” severely damaged rating.

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Deer-resistant plants. Don’t let deer dash your garden! There are various plants that can be deer resistant, depending on the region you live in. This plant is scented, keeping deer away. Salvia also has a long bloom season, so you can enjoy their beauty and keep deer away longer.

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Deer Resistant Plants. I live in Northern Ontario in the country. The white tailed deer here eat my plants and shrubs. Peonies before they bloom (tight buds), coneflowers, love hostas, garden flocks, lilies, tulips, any flowered shrub lilacs, hydrangea, geraniums, beabalm, and recently petunias.

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Controlling Deer. Plants with fuzzy, prickly or sharp leaves Most ornamental grasses and ferns. The most effective way to keep deer away is to install deerproof fencing that is at least 9 feet tall. Deer can jump to amazing heights! There are a variety of designs and the best type for any given area depends on your specific situation.

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Deer-Resistant Garden Tips. But this time, I planted scented geraniums in front of the roses. And (halleluiah!) the deer stayed away all summer. Come fall, as I was taking cuttings from the scented geraniums, I had a brainstorm. I decided to leave the plants in the ground over the winter instead of pulling them out. Deer do not like

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Deer-Resistant Perennials. If the herd is large enough, and food is scarce enough, deer have been known to eat almost anything. That said, there are plants that are much less palatable to deer, though even these “resistant” varieties are vulnerable in the first few weeks after planting when their leaf tissue is especially nitrogen-rich.

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Geranium Care Must-Knows. The most important thing to know about some geraniums, such as the ivy variety, is that they can suffer from a condition called edema. This is most often seen in ivy type geraniums on the underside of the leaves. When soil temperatures are warm and wet and air temperature is cooler and humid,

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528 rows · Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance The following is a list of landscape plants …

Ageratum View photo of Ageratum Ageratum houstonianum Annuals A
Allegheny Spurge View photo of Allegheny Spurge Pachysandra procumbe… Groundcovers A
American Holly Ilex opaca Trees A
Angel’s Trumpet Brugmansia sp. (Datura) Annuals A

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Other deer-resistant annuals include the popular annual vines, morning glory and moonflower. Use these vines on a fence around a garden area with plants deer like, and you might discourage browsing. At the very least, you’ll have non-stop flowers ‘round the clock once vines start blooming.

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White Hardy Geranium is an easy-care perennial that is deer resistant. A low-growing plant, it grows best in a sunny to partially shaded location in well-drained soil. White Hardy Geranium is an easy-care perennial that is deer resistant. A low-growing plant, it grows best in a sunny to partially shaded location in well-drained soil.

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