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The website dedicated to the BBC BASIC programming language. THE WEB SITE DEDICATED TO THE: B B C B A S I C: PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10 (and for Linux with Wine). BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 for Mac OS-X, Linux (x86), Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS and Windows™ Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10.

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A programming interface which is a joy to use. (R.W., Somerset) After trying to master C++ and Visual Basic, BBC Basic came along and has done the job as effectively, even better, as any of these others.

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BBC Micro User Guide: Sample Programs – KaServer5

6 Sample programs Most of the rest of this book is concerned with introducing the various parts of the BBC BASIC language which the computer understands and other features of the machine. But first, here are a few complete programs which you can try to type in yourself.

BBC BASIC Manual: Part 2: Chapter 4: Simple programming

A program is a list of instructions to be carried out by the computer. These instructions are stored in memory and are only executed when you tell the computer to do so. Entering a program. Once you have entered BASIC you can begin to type in programs.

TI-83/84 Plus BBC Basic Files –

11 rows · BBC BASIC is a fast, powerful and flexible dialect of BASIC, with support for named re …

(Parent Dir) folder folder Up to TI-83/84 Plus Files (not including the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition… 1k 09-04-27 Battery Checker Just a simple battery checker, by the only current BB… 873k 09-11-27 BBC BASIC (Z80) This package contains a TI-83+ and TI-84+ versio… 45k 09-06-12 Tetris The first released BBC Basic game on the Archives! Tetris is ful…

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BBC BASIC is an extremely versatile form of Basic based on the very successful BBC computer sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation in the early 80s, as an aid to learning.

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BBC BASIC – Wikipedia

BBC BASIC is a programming language, developed in 1981 as a native programming language for the MOS Technology 6502 based Acorn BBC Micro home/personal computer. It is a version of the BASIC programming language adapted for a UK computer literacy project of the BBC.

OS: BBC Micro, MOS Technology 6502, RISC OS, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, CP/M, DOS, Microsoft Windows, TI-83 Plus & TI-84 Plus

Teach kids to code with BBC BASIC | Alphr

BBC BASIC is an easy system to help students get to grips with the basics of programming

BBC BASIC Manual: Part 1: Chapter 2: About BBC BASIC

BBC BASIC consists of special keywords with which you create sequences of instructions, called programs, to be carried out by the computer. You can use programs to perform complicated tasks involving the computer and the devices connected to it, such as:

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BBC BASIC for Windows replaces BBC BASIC (86) version 4.82 which comes FREE & unsupported.. BBC BASIC for Windows runs in most Microsoft Windows™ operating environments (Windows™ 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10).It provides the BBC BASIC programmer with a familiar language with a Graphical User interface.. Included is a BASIC program editor with syntax


BBC BASIC : An Introduction to Programming for the 21st

BBC BASIC! Self-contained ‘English based’ interpreter programming language developed by Acorn and the BBC for use with the 1980’s Computer Literacy Programme.! Originally Designed to run on the! MOS / ARM Processer !

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A copy of the language/application: BBC BASIC for Windows Programming and the UK National Curriculum This website was inspired by changes to the national curriculum.

BBC BASIC V file format — Matt Godbolt’s blog

BBC BASIC V file format. In my opinion, one of the best programming languages of its age was BBC BASIC. The other day I was looking through some old disks (or should that be ‘discs’?) and found some programs I’d written for the Acorn Risc PC in BASIC, and wanted to …

BBC Basic for Windows – Dave Sergeant

BBC Basic for Windows is a version of the original BBC Basic which will run under the Windows operating system. It is This program was my original BBC for Windows program, which has been available on this site for some years.