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Click on the airline’s reservation spot and type in your departure city. Find the method the airline employs for adding a leg to a flight, and fill in the stopover airport or airports.

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MANAGE YOUR OWN AIRLINE . Have you ever dreamed of running your own airline? Convinced you could build a super airline if only you had control over aircraft types, seating configuration, advertising, service levels, pricing and maintenance? Here is your chance.

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If you are particularly attached to an airline or aviation company, you should consider getting involved with that particular within existing virtual airline. Building the Site. Once you’ve determined the platform, you need to build a site for your airline’s operations. You could use a strict HTML site, a solo forum site, or a combination.

How to Make Your Own Airline Itinerary | Getaway USA

Examine your flight prices, schedules and minimum airport transfer times to build an itinerary that suits your pocket and your timetable, and book your separate flights. Bear in mind that minimum transfer times offered by airports only act as guides and are not a guarantee as to how quickly you’ll be able to meet your connecting flight.

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AirlineSim is the online airline simulation game for pros: With its sophisticated planning, reservation, inventory and management systems it allows you to run your own virtual airlines …

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The world inhabited by airlines is a glamorous one and starting your own airline has never been easier. Could you be the next Richard Branson? Each year hundreds of thousands of planes fly in and out of the UK, fulfilling holidaymakers’ dreams and keeping the business world moving. Most passengers

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Airline Management Simulation. AirwaySim is an online management simulation where you can run your own airline. Compete globally against other airline managers in this highly realistic multiplayer game.

How to start your own low cost airline – with ECA support

How to start your own low cost airline – with ECA support. How about starting your own airline? All you need is Rs 10 crore (€1,833,840, US$2,168,257) in paid-up capital to start a regional airline with an aircraft of less than 80 seats. Insuring six planes will cost Rs 12 crore. Airlines also need to make initial provisioning for

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Prepare For Takeoff. And a lot depends on the weather. But the intrepid entrepreneur is not alone. The StartupBoeing team assists entrepreneurs in launching new airlines. From concept through launch, StartupBoeing offers guidance, review, analysis, data, resources, contacts, and referrals to qualified startup airlines.