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Can Chickens Eat Bird Seed?

“Can chickens eat bird seed? I have bird feeders and the seeds fall out.“ Yes, chickens do fine with eating bird seed. It cannot replace their regular feed, though (some people have wanted to buy the less expensive bird seed and it doesn’t work). If the bird seed is just a supplement, your pet chickens …

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Feb 24, 2014 · Can I feed My Chickens Birdseed? Discussion in ‘Feeding & Watering Your Flock’ started by Farmgirl1000, Feb 16, 2014. I have have feed mine for years bird seed as a treat. They love it. Won’t do any harm. Feb 24, 2014 Post #10 of 12. AlohaChickens80 In the Brooder. 18 0 24. Dec 31, 2013 Paradise! (aka Hawaii)

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Can I give my chickens wild birdseed mix? from My Pet Chicken

So seed mixes designed for wild birds just won’t make a good, well-balanced diet for your flock. Still, as an occasional treat, your chickens will love it! And many seeds are high in SOME vitamins and amino acids that your birds do need. How much feed should I give my chickens each day? ©2005-2019 MY PET CHICKEN, LLC.

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Apr 05, 2009 · Chickens allowed free range will find grits on their own. Chickens need free access to food and water and if laying free access to oyster shell. My chickens would come to my call as I would tho them a handful of chicken scratch feed or wild bird seed mix. They love fruit and veggie scraps and if not free range or in a run they like grass clippings.

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Is it okay to feed wild bird seeds to chickens? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Jeanmarie Todd, What can I grow on my land to feed my chickens if I cannot buy chicken feed? followed by commercial feed. Yes, they do enjoy wild bird seeds, and especially peanut butter and/or lard style suet seed cakes that has been reduced to

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Sep 12, 2017 · Over 40 species of birds eat sunflower seeds, and your chickens will love one my naughtily eats any ‘wild bird seed’ that falls to the ground from there are lots healthy treats you can feed them

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Black-oil sunflower seeds are my #1 choice for bird seed. If you are only going to offer one type of seed in the winter to the birds, this should be it. Over 40 species of birds eat sunflower seeds, and your chickens will love them.

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Aug 19, 2007 · However, you can sprinkle a handful of bird seed in your backyard for your hens to have something to peck at. Source(s): Proud owner of 3 chickens and 6 ducks. Years of experience with chickens, still learning with the ducks.

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Why I Think Chickens and Wild Bird Feeders Don’t Mix

The point I am making is simply by having chickens you are attracting birds. Birds eat a lot of things chickens leave behind. Not just feed. There is no difference really. You may as well cut down your trees. Natural or unnatural, the wild birds are in my yard and nothing can be done about it.

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Aug 24, 2012 · Me personally—I would grind some of the seed to see which way the chickens like it best. I do grind my feed now and mix in supplement to get 15, 16, and 24% protien. It saves me around 1/3 from store bought feed, but it takes a little of my time. Now if I had some free seed— …

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Feeding chicken feed to wild birds: OK, or useless? Update Cancel. Does feeding bird seed to wild birds increase the prevalence of diabetes in wild birds? Atleast here in India we sometimes feed wild birds feed meant for chickens and hens- and it doesnt seem to hurt or harm them.

Why You’re Feeding Your Chickens To Death And How To Stop It

Why You’re Feeding Your Chickens To Death And How To Stop It. Posted by The Happy Chicken Coop on September 10, (flock blocks) and sunflower seed can cause Fatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome. It is as nasty as it sounds and it can kill your hen without much warning. Don’t worry if you happen to run out of a particular feed, the birds

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The Effects of Sunflower Seeds on Laying Hens By Jane Sunflower seeds marketed for wild birds can be fed to poultry. Black-oil sunflower seeds contain more protein than other varieties of sunflower seeds for wild birds. Like other birds that crowd feeders and gobble down sunflower seeds, chickens utilize the oil in the seeds to aid in

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Has anyone used whole seed Game bird mix for sprouting to feed their chickens and other sprout eating critters?? My feed store sells it in 70 lb bags for under $20.00. It has corn, millet, black sunflower, peanuts,oats, wheat, and I think what ever they sweep up off the grainary floor.