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Add frozen spinach to soup or stock, casseroles, and stir fries. Frozen spinach also works well in dips, quiche, and pasta dishes. It brings flavorful nutrition to homemade egg rolls, meatballs, and marinara sauce. If you know you’ll use your frozen spinach within six months, you can freeze …

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The rest of the spinach was placed in quart size freezer bags in 2-cup portions. Large pieces of spinach can be cut with kitchen shears or run a chef knife through it before cooking. FROZEN PUREED. Spinach can also be pureed with some water in a blender. Add just enough water to get the blender going.

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Technically, you can freeze any type of food you like if only to avoid waste. To some extent, yes, you can freeze spinach dip. However, the state of the dip after it’s been defrosted will depend on the ingredients you use as well as the length of time that the dip was kept in the freezer.

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How To Freeze Spinach For Your Green Smoothie. As leafy greens are practically all surface area, pesticides heavily cover them and you will end up eating a large amount of these chemicals on from your greens. I can actually feel the difference touching the spinach myself. Normal spinach feels very waxy and organic spinach feels a lot fresher.

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How to Freeze Spinach. To successfully freeze spinach and preserve as much of its nutrients and texture as possible, blanch your greens prior to freezing, and wrap them well to ensure that they don’t develop freezer burn. Use frozen spinach as you would fresh spinach …

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How to Freeze Spinach. The following process for how to freeze spinach can be used for swiss chard, kale or beet tops too. Make convenient frozen spinach pucks with these simple steps for how to blanch and freeze spinach. The same process and times can be used for kale, swiss chard or beet tops. Gather fresh spinach.

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For freezing spinach, freezer bags are a very easy way to pack them for the freezer. What you choose to pack in is personal choice. If you pack in freezer containers you will not be able to remove air as well and run the risk of freezer burn. Freezer boxes work best for things that are frozen wet in a syrup.