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Slugs: A Hidden Danger for Backyard Chickens. When my girls were little they loved dining on slugs. Cape Cod can be a windy damp place perfect for harboring families of slugs. Those slug families love living in our yard, tasty perennials are abundant and offer up a wide variety of new dining choices everywhere they slither.

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Jul 08, 2009 · Chicken Ninja Songster. Surprisingly, some people just buy chickens for their ability to get rid of unwanted pets. Besides slugs, I know a guy who bought chickens to get rid of his earwig problem. Now, he has no earwigs, but he has a wild flock of chickens on his acreage . They slowly stopped caring for them over the years, and now the chickens are almost completely wild.

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Hello, Yes, chickens that are allowed to run free eat slugs, snails, grasshoppers, worms, beetles, mice, and just about anything else they can catch. they also eat a variety of plant foods, so if you’re planning to use them for pest control in a garden, you may lose some vegetables, too. …

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Yes, chickens are the exterminators of the garden. They love bugs and slugs and worms but be aware they like a little salad with their meat and you will lose fresh greens along with the weeds and insects. 3 people found this useful.

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Mar 18, 2005 · Yes, chickens love to eat slugs. If you let them go free in the garden you wil have no slugs and snails, but some orther damages, if you collect the slugs and snails and give them to the chickens, the chickens will love you Pia

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Training Chickens to Eat Your Slugs (Video) Normally, my own chickens (I do own them now in NC) would exhibit such frenzy over a crust of bread or some left-over soy beans. But they are unlikely to do the same for the few slugs I do see in my garden. But Paul Wheaton—who has brought us video on everything from moldy hay as lawn fertilizer

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Jun 11, 2007 · Answers. Chickens will eat slugs/ snails and various other insects aswell as grass, if given the oppourtunity to forrage. Our chickens eat slugs snails worms whenever my children collect them from around the garden and give them to them. I think they expect their treats when they see my daughter with handfuls of them.

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June 3, 2013. It is only contracted from infected worms, slugs and snails, and I don’t believe that the slight risk should deter you from feeding your chickens (or allowing them access to) earthworms and other nutritious wiggling, squirming, squishy treats.

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Toads, snakes, ducks, chickens and raccoons are some of the most common predators of slugs. Your best bet for healthy slug control, however, will be to attract toads and non-poisonous snakes to your garden. These slug predators will eat your slugs without potentially damaging your plants. How to Kill Garden Slugs. Now that you know some facts

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Chickens and Slugs. I decided to go on an information hunt on whether or not chickens would eat slugs and was elated to find that many will and that a good many chickens found them to be a delicacy. However, when mentioned to friends more experienced with chickens, they seemed to kind of laugh and wish me good luck, as if my new found hope

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Even if you do not allow your chickens in the garden, they will eat most live insects gathered by hand, including asparagus beetles, Colorado potato beetles and larvae, grasshoppers, slugs, and

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Mar 16, 2007 · That’s what hens are for. I grow herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers alongside my hens quite happily. In fact, vegetable-growing works well with hens. They eat many of the insects regarded as garden pests: woodlice, slugs, snails, leatherjackets (the larvae of the crane fly), caterpillars, ants and their eggs, and beetles.

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She talks about how her chickens weren’t all that interested in eating slugs. With her current ducks, they eat so many slugs, that she now breeds slugs to feed to her ducks! Samantha from Woodinville, Washington feeds HUGE slugs to her ducks. We get really good video of the ducks eating the slugs …