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One of our favorite ways to plant seeds is in plastic cups. Cheap, transportable (great for classrooms!) but also you can actually see the roots forming! Vegetables and Herbs: Radishes, lettuce, basil and salad cress (more common in the UK than in the US!) We planted radish and basil seeds and grew …

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Grow plants that give room for exploration and fun, like pineapple sage, French sorrel, and borage. With so many to choose from, here is a list of a few easy plants to grow with kid. 8 Easy-To-Grow …

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Most wildflowers make excellent fast growing seeds for kids. Best of all, with flowers you can cut them and bring them indoors. Children can grow a posy for Grandma, which will charm her and delight them with their accomplishment. Good Plants to Grow from Seed. Plants with large or small dimensions create a sense of wonder in children.

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Fast-sprouting Seeds – For Classroom. The following flowers take five to seven days to sprout: bachelor’s buttons, sweet William, gloriosa daisy, ageratum, cosmos, sweet alyssum, zinnia, and Mexican marigold. Vegetable seeds worth trying include corn, cucumber, lettuce, and watermelon. To ensure success, plant your seeds in moistened seed-starting mix and keep them in a warm location.

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Fast Growing Seeds for Kids – these ideas help prevent kids losing interest while waiting for seeds to grow! Try these fast growing seeds if you’re working with kids! “Easy plants to grown in classroom” “Spark an Interest in Gardening for Kids with Fun Gardening Gifts” “Kids today often don’t realize how fun and rewarding gardening can

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Fast Growing Flower Seeds for Kids. Marigolds – Another edible flower these really easy to grow pretty flowers looks great in the garden, whether grown in pots or in the soil they will brighten the day. Like Nasturtium’s they are also natural pest control in the gardens especially around tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, beans, squash….

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Dec 15, 2018 · Common garden zinnias (Zinnia elegans) usually sprout within five to seven days. Plant seeds of this quick-growing annual one-quarter inch deep and keep the soil temperature an even 70 degrees Fahrenheit for rapid germination.

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Which Seeds Will Germinate the Fastest for a Science Fair Project? By Sarah Sweetman; Updated March 14, 2018 . John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images . The Fastest Growing Plants for Science Experiments. What Seeds Are Best for Science Projects? Plants That Grow Fast for Science Projects.

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Apr 03, 2014 · Other fast-growing seeds are marigolds and radishes. There are many other learning activities that can go along with growing the seeds, such as reading stories and drawing pictures of the plant you will be growing.

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Mar 08, 2018 · They grow very quickly and can be two feet tall in 2-3 weeks. The kids have taken them home to plant and brought back beans they’d harvested them–very cool. There are green and wax bean varieties available–both work. These seeds are also good for doing the seed between the wet paper towel & clear plastic cup activity mentioned above,

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For very young children, it is best to use large seeds, which are easy for them to handle. Suitable examples are peas, beans, sunflower and sweet corn. Other seeds that are good for growing in the classroom and using in investigations include mustard, cress, mung bean and wheat.