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The bothersome flea beetle! There are many species of flea beetles which attack numerous plants, but vegetable crops are most susceptible to these pests. Flea beetles are so named because of their ability to jump like fleas when bothered. The beetles are small and shiny, with large rear legs.

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Flea Beetle Damage. The most obvious sign of a flea beetle infestation is called shot-holing on the leaves of plants. We call it this because the damage looks a lot like the leaves have been peppered with bird shot. Not only can this type of feeding kill young plants, but flea beetles are also common vectors for bacterial and viral diseases.

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Please, do flea beetles or their larva bite humans??? I have some in my bedroom. They seem to be coming in thru the window screen. I wake with a few bites around my ankles, I’ve checked my dogs..no fleas and took some macro photos of these bugs, they really do look like black beetles, 2 mm long.

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May 21, 2011 · It is a beetle of some sort, without question. There are no beetles that bite people (well, except for the really big ones with obviously-bitecha-type mandibles that can give you somewhat of a …

Bed Bug vs. Flea: The Differences (Plus Bed Bug vs. Carpet

Nov 03, 2016 · If you’re getting bit while sitting on the carpet, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a flea. If you have pets that are also itching, you likely have fleas. Flea bites often look like random clusters of mosquito bites. Bed bug bites are red, flat, raised and often formed in a line.