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Germinating hot pepper seeds is a little different from germinating sweet peppers, at least in my experience. And the more exotic the pepper, the more particular they may be about sprouting. Here are some tips for growing hot chile peppers from seeds.

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Have fun with Hot Pepper Seeds. The most important part of growing pepper seeds is having fun. Even if you are planning efforts for your farmers market or other business venture, if you do not have fun you are more likely to fail. I absolutely love growing hot peppers.

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One of the most reliable ways to start super hot peppers is the wet paper towel method of germination. Watch this series of three videos from Pepper Jo to see how! First is the “Best Way to Germinate Hot Pepper Seeds”

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Ornamental, sweet and hot peppers all require the same conditions for germination and fruit production. 1 Start pepper seeds six to eight weeks before you plan to plant them outside.

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Peppers are a summer vegetable that are loved for the flavor they add to salads and barbecue dishes. When it comes to planting peppers, even experienced gardeners tend to plant pepper seedlings that have already been started in a greenhouse, as pepper seeds can be tough to germinate.