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Opal meaning in Hindi: Get meaning and translation of Opal in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Opal in Hindi dictionary? Opal ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Opal का हिंदी में मतलब ).

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Opal Stone Variations And It’s Meanings. Opal stone meaning foster love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness,emotional expressiveness, warmth, spontaneity and dramatic ability. Opal also associated with peace, and consciousness. The meaning of opal sometimes considered unlucky, but this is only because modern people fear their emotional side.

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Opal Meaning & Properties. For centuries people besmirched (Yes, besmirched. It’s one of our favorite words!) the Opal as a “bad luck” stone. There were many reasons for this not the least of which is Sir Walter Scott’s writings of the Lady Hermione who, upon having holy water hit her Opal, meets an ill fate.

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Opal Gemstone Properties -The Opal is an exception gemstone which is not crystalline but is composed of hardened silica gel. Pure Opal is colourless but apparently due to the presence of impurities imparts it various colours ranging from black, red to blue.

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The Meaning and History of Opal. You may have heard that the opal brings bad luck and is an evil stone. In fact, this has been a ridiculous belief for a long time all over the world. However, those in the know, are aware that this unfortunate reputation and myth actually is the fault of one man, Sir Walter Scott.

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Opal and Luck. People believed that a cut and polished opal would have the qualities of any other stone it shared a color with — a blue opal would be similar to sapphire, for example. Opal can be quite a difficult stone to work with, and it is easy to shatter when cutting or mounting in jewelry.

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The name Opal is derived from the Latin opalus and the Sanskrit upala, meaning ‘precious stone.’ Violet Flame Opal is a stone of profound spiritual purification. It can cleanse and purify the etheric body and the cellular energy matrix, and enhance one’s connection with angelic beings. It also stimulates visionary experience.

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Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Opal. It is highly prized as a power stone for magic ritual and can be used for “reading eyes” in order to scry the truthfulness or intent of a person. Black Opal is a Storm element stone of death and re-birth, and utilizes Fire energy.

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Opal Properties. The name Opal is from the Sanskrit upala, which means jewel. There are hundreds of color varieties of this stone, and there are two types of Opal; the Common Opal and the Precious Opal. The Common Opal is characterized by its translucence and its palette of colors that include red, green, blue, and orange.

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Meaning of Opal in hindi Noun दूधिया पत्थर ( Dudhiya patthar, doodhiyaa patthar)

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Who Should Wear Opal Stone? Opal meaning Upal in Hindi and Opala in Sanskrit, represents planet Venus. It is worn to counteract the malefic effects of weak Venus in the native’s birth-chart and bring financial prosperity, physical well-being and good social status for the wearer.

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Learn the pros and cons of wearing Opal as per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha. Are you wearing one – check the symptoms listed here to see if this stone is giving you negative results. check the symptoms listed here to see if this stone is giving you negative results. If Venus is the lord of the 3rd, 8th, or the 12th house, then wearing an

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A Pink Opal Stone fills your aura with tranquility and peaceful energy. It is a very stone to use for emotional healing, as well as keeping your emotions in balance. It is a very stone to use for emotional healing, as well as keeping your emotions in balance.