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Generally, the cheaper the bird seed mix, the more “filler ingredients” it contains. Things like ‘Milo’, sorghum, wheat berries, and other grain-products that most song birds will just push aside, are very common in several bargain seed blends.

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homemade bird food and bird seed. Method: In a rodent proof metal container with a tight lid, mix together the striped sunflower seeds, the black oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, fruit and the cracked corn and store in a cool area, such as the garage, or basement..

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Wild Bird Seed Mix Make Your Own Wild Bird Food

Make Your Own Wild Bird Food & Save Money. People all over make their own wild bird seed mix; some for the particular local birds that come to their yard, but mostly, I think, because there’s a joy in attracting birds to your yard and even more so when you can save money by making your own Wild Bird Seed Mix.

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DON’T attract unwanted guests. Inexpensive store-bought seed blends can occasionally attract …

How To Make Birdseed Feeder Ornaments with Gelatin (Kid

This is a fun, kid friendly, homemade bird seed feeder ornament recipe that is perfect for Earth Day this year or anytime you want to attract a few birds for easy bird watching with the kids or family.

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These Homemade Bird Seed Ornaments are easy to make, and your backyard birds will love them. A few simple ingredients are all it takes for this great nature activity. DIY birdseed ornaments are a fun winter project to do with the kids too.

DIY Bird Seed Blends for Feeding Wild Birds (and a Guide

DIY Bird Seed Blends for Feeding Wild Birds (and a Guide to the Best Seeds) Here are some of the types of bird feed to choose from. Common seed mixes: Buyer beware here – read the ingredients first. Most of the mixes contain milo which, as we already discussed, very few birds eat.

Making Homemade Bird Food

Making Homemade Bird Food Crumble up some pieces of stale bread and add oatmeal, raisins seeds and nuts. Then mix these ingredients together. Fill the bottom of the homemade bird feeder with seed or some homemade bird food, then let your child hang it outside and wait for the birds …

These Bird Food Recipes will Attract Wild Birds and Save

Using bird food recipes to make your own wild bird food is a great way to fuel your kids’ interest in bird watching. You can use a project like this to teach them about what birds eat. You can have a lot of fun when making your bird food by using seasonal molds or cookie cutters to shape your food. 1 cup of dried melon or squash seeds

Homemade Wild Bird Food Recipes – Attracting Wild Birds

Many of these homemade wild bird food recipes will require rendered suet. I pour this into my stake and bowl feeders in addition to using traditional seed mixes in my tube feeders, and the birds (and squirrels) usually eat the entire mixture within the day! INGREDIENTS: