how to connect samsung phone to tv wirelessly

How To connect your Mobile Phone or Tablet to your TV

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Jul 01, 2015 · Hi, this ‘How To’ video shows you how to connect your Android mobile phone or tablet to your TV using Screen Mirroring. The TV in the video is a Samsung SMART TV UE32J5500AK and the mobile device

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How can I view my smartphone screen on my TV? | Samsung

Viewing your phone, tablet or laptop on a larger TV screen is usually called screen mirroring or screen casting. The method you use will depend on the age, model and type of your TV, tablet or smartphone. Most Samsung smartphones or tablets include a feature that you can use to connect

How Do I Mirror My Samsung Galaxy Phone’s Screen on My TV?

Use Screen Mirroring to Share Your Phone’s Screen with the TV. Now that you have set up your TV, you can now start beaming your phone’s screen to your TV. Here is how to do it. 1. Tap on the Apps icon on your phone’s Home screen. 2. From the application list on your device, tap on Settings. 3.

How to Connect Your Galaxy Phone to Your TV: 9 Steps

Just set up the Wi-Fi on your TV – the same Wi-Fi network the phone is accessing – and mirror your Galaxy phone’s screen onto the TV screen. 2. Set up your All Share Cast Hub device. Whether you are using the Hub or the Blue Ray player, you will need to connect it to the television.

How To Mirror/Connect PC or Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly

Method 2: Mirror PC/Laptop To Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly. If you are using windows operating system on your laptop or desktop computer then you can easily connect to TV wirelessly. You need to follow step by step process is given below. The first step connects PC/Laptop and TV on the same network. Go to start menu and select the setting option.

How to connect an Android smartphone to your TV | AndroidPIT

How to connect an Android smartphone to your TV Among the major Smart TV manufacturers are Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG and Panasonic. always be able to stream content from your phone to the

How to Connect iPhone to TV Wirelessly: 15 Steps (with

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How to connect a Samsung TV to a wireless network – Netgear

To begin connecting your TV to your wireless network, follow these steps: Connect the wireless adapter to the USB port on your TV. Press the MENU button, and then select Setup. Select Network. If Network Type is set to Wired, select Network Type, and then select Wireless. Select Network Setup. Select Select a network.

How to play media from a phone to a Smart TV? | Samsung

2 On your phone, tap the Apps icon. 3 Tap the Gallery icon and select the media content (e.g. audio, picture, video) that you wish to play. 4 Select the type of media file from the list. 5 Tap the selected media file to play. 6 Tap on the Video Link icon. The video should now stream to your Samsung Smart TV.