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How to grow Basil – all you need to know about growing Basil


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Here’s everything you need to know about growing your own basil in a container or a larger garden. Ready, set, grow! Whether you’re doing it in a container on your windowsill or in a larger garden, here’s everything you need to know about growing basil.

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Basil is a warm-weather, fragrant herb that tastes great in Italian dishes—and let’s not forget homemade pesto! Plant seeds or transplants after all danger of frost has passed and soil is warm, and it will yield an abundant harvest within weeks. Keep harvesting the leaves to keep the plant going strong.

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Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is often referred to as the king of herbs.Basil plants are certainly one of the most popular herbs grown in the home garden. Growing basil outdoors or in a container is very easy to do if you follow these simple steps for how to grow basil.

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How to Grow Basil Indoors In contrast to growing basil outdoors, you will need to pay careful attention to providing proper levels of light, hydration and nourishment for the plant. Mother nature provides most of what a healthy herb needs naturally.

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A woody, branching plant, basil is a warm-weather annual that grows very fast in 80- to 90-degree weather. When growing basil, note that two or three plants will yield plenty of fresh leaves for a family of four — unless you plan to make pesto.

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How to Plant Basil Most people have better luck with transplants, but you can start seeds indoors about eight weeks before the final frost date in your area if you want to try your hand at growing it yourself.