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How to Grow Nasturtiums from Seed. Put two seeds (1″ deep) in each pot and grow them under lights or in a bright location, such as a south-facing window. It takes about 10 to 12 days for nasturtiums to germinate. When the seedlings have a few sets of leaves, …

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See your local frost dates. Plant nasturtium seeds in early spring in moist, well-drained soil in full sun. They can grow in partial shade, but they will not bloom as well. Nasturtiums prefer poorer soils and they do not need fertilizers (unless your soil is extremely poor).

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Nasturtium Varieties. Whichever type you choose for the garden, plant in a full to part sun area with well-drained but otherwise poor soil for more and bigger blooms. Dwarf and variegated nasturtium varieties add an ornamental element to small containers or mixed in with solid green foliage plants …

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Sowing. If you get frost, sow organic and heirloom seeds in spring and summer; direct seed outdoors as soon as the soil has warmed or start seeds indoors two to four weeks earlier. If you live in a warm-hot climate, you can plant nasturtiums anytime. Plant the seeds about one-half inch deep.

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How to Plant Nasturtium Seeds. Grow the plants as summer annuals in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8, or as cool-season winter annuals in USDA zones 9 through 11. The flowers do self-sow readily in mild climates, and can become invasive. Nasturtiums come in both trailing and upright varieties, suitable for beds and borders.

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Nov 22, 2011 · Nasturtium Seeds. Use as a condiment with savoury dishes and fish. Keeps well for at least a year out of the fridge. Tip: Prick the seeds with a fork before adding the vinegar. This allows the flavour of the hot vinegar to permeate the density of the seeds and helps to preserve them.


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Planting Nasturtiums. The easiest way to plant nasturtiums is to direct sow the seeds in your garden or in a container. Nasturtium seeds are large, about the size of a dried pea, and need to planted fairly deep in the soil. Photo by Pezibear licensed under CC0.

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Indoor Sprouting. Use individual 2- to 3-inch-diameter seedling pots or a larger seedling tray. Pots and trays must have drainage holes so the excess water can drain out. Water the soil before you plant so it’s moist. Sow a single seed per pot, or plant the seeds 2 inches apart in rows set 2 inches apart in a tray.

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Instructions on How to Grow and Care for a Nasturtium Plant While the trailing variety of the nasturtium plant can be placed in hanging baskets, the compact variety is a great choice for flowerbeds. Gardenerdy provides instructions on growing nasturtium from seeds, along with information on light, watering, and soil requirements.

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How to Grow Nasturtium Flower Plants If there is a secret flower growing in the gardening world, it is Nasturtiums. These easy to grow annuals offer a lot of benefits to you the gardener, and to other plants …

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Garden nasturtiums (Tropaeolum spp.) grow as flowering annuals during the warm summer months. Although the plants die each fall, you can save the seeds for a continuous supply of new nasturtiums

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May 18, 2012 · The seeds of Nasturtium are extremely easy to collect, save and successfully grow the following season, even for the beginner gardener. Nasturtiums are useful for growing around vegetable patches as some species of aphid and mite prefer to feed on them and are more likely to leave your vegetables alone when Nasturtiums are present.

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