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Can I divide agapanthus, you ask. The answer is yes, you can and you should. As the plants mature, they crowd against each other underground, and this overcrowding limits their flowering. The best way to remedy the problem is to start dividing and transplanting agapanthus. But you’ll want to learn

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Related Articles. Lay the bulbs out on a flat surface in a cool, dry location and allow them to dry for a few days. Store the dried bulbs in a paper bag until late summer or fall, the best time to transplant the bulbs. If you divide the bulbs in fall, you can plant …

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WHEN TO DIVIDE AGAPANTHUS. Divide your agapanthus plants every 4–5 years or when they become too large and under productive. Deciduous varieties: In spring and early summer divide deciduous agapanthus as new growth emerges in cooler areas or once the leaves have died back in late autumn. Only divide them every 6–8 years.

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Then line the bottom of a cardboard box with more newspapers. Add a layer of play sand; lay the rhizomes on the sand. Continue to layer as needed then spritz the top of the sand lightly with water. Cover with a layer of newspaper and seal and label the box. Store in …

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Agapanthus always seems happiest when it is pot bound! Only needs to be repotted when its roots appear to be pushing the plant out of the pot.Best time to split is …

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Step 2. Dig around the plant, inserting the shovel into the ground and digging down to get underneath the root system. When the soil around the agapanthus is loosened, lift the plant …

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Dig the clumps in spring or fall: Carefully separate divisions with roots, cut the foliage back by half and replant. Agapanthus tolerates full sun but adapts well in areas with winter sun and filtered summer sun or with morning sun and afternoon shade. These tuberous perennials thrive in …

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Jul 21, 2015 · Agapanthus split. You can divide potted agapanthus either in early autumn before the leaves die down, or in late spring just before they start to grow (making sure that each division has one or two growing points). Potted agapanthus needs compost that is …

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Jan 30, 2011 · Agapanthus has beautiful bright purple or white flowers in abundance and is a beloved addition to many gardens. It’s very easy to grow and will self propagate once established.


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Jul 10, 2013 · Nic shows us how to split an Agapanthus that been in the same container for over 5 years. This container has been much admired at the entrance …

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Agapanthus Care. Caring for an Agapanthus plant is easy in warmer regions. Once planted, this beautiful plant requires very little upkeep. To maintain health and performance, divide the plant once every three years. Be sure to get as much of the root as possible when dividing and only divide after the plant has bloomed.

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Agapanthus are easy to propagate by division. Divide between spring and early summer, or in early autumn, after plants have finished flowering. Ensure there are a couple of growing points in each division. Avoid splitting plants too often as this will reduce flowering.