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Before you toss this year’s Christmas tree onto the compost pile or the curb, check out these ways to get the most out of an old tree! Prop up your old tree near your bird feeder as a staging area for small birds, such as chickadees and finches. Trim the branches from the tree, and saw the trunk into several pieces.

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How to Care for a Fresh, Cut Christmas Tree. (For example, if it measures 6 inches across, then you need a tree stand that can hold 6 quarts of water.) Keep the tree stand filled with water. A seal of dried sap will form over the cut stump in four to six hours if the water drops below the base of the tree.

How to Take Care of a Live Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Care Tips: Make a Fresh Cut Before Coming Home If you have not already purchased and set up your Christmas tree, then be sure to make a fresh cut off the base of the trunk (at least one inch from the bottom) before you bring it home.

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It takes no more effort in caring for a live Christmas tree than it does a vase of cut flowers. The most important aspect of live Christmas tree care is water. This is true for both cut trees and living (root ball intact) Christmas trees. Water will not only keep the tree alive but will also prevent safety issues associated with drying out.

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To display the trees indoors, use a stand with an adequate water holding capacity for the tree. As a general rule, stands should provide 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter. Devices are available that help maintain a constant water level in the stand. Use a stand that fits your tree.

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How to Make Boxwood Christmas Topiaries. Take care of your living Christmas tree so that it will thrive when the holiday is over. Bring the unexpected to your table with miniature Christmas trees made out of cut and curled sheet music. These fluffy trees will add texture and whimsy to any holiday arrangement.

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Caring for a Living Christmas Tree. Your tree will come in a container with soil or as a bare-root tree that is balled in burlap (b-n-b). If it’s a b-n-b tree, you’ll need mulch and a bucket to bring it indoors. But first, you start in the garage. Gradually over time, introduce your living tree from outside to inside.