how to unroot my android phone

How to Unroot Your Android Phone

How to Manually Unroot a Nexus or Other Developer Device on Lollipop (or Older) Once root access has been granted, navigate to the /system folder. Using ES, tap the dropdown that says “Homepage” (assuming you’re still on the start page, of course). Select the …

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Jan 15, 2019 · Download the stock firmware for your device. In order to unroot your Galaxy device, you’ll need the stock firmware for your device and carrier. There are various places that you can find this firmware online. Use a search engine and search for your Galaxy model and carrier, along with the phrase “stock firmware”.

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Using SuperSU to unroot a device. Once you tap the Full unroot button, tap Continue, and the unrooting process will begin. After a reboot, your phone should be clean of the root.

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By far the simplest way to unroot your Android handset, SuperSU is a free-to-download app for rooted devices. Here’s how to unroot your phone via SuperSU. Download and install SuperSU from the

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Unroot by using a file manager. Get rid of them and root will also go away. To do this, you will need a file manager with root access. My favorite one happens to be ES File Explorer (just turn on root access in the settings). Access your device’s main drive and look for “system”. Select it, and then tap on “bin”.

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Unroot Your Phone Using Universal Unroot Taking this route to unrooting your Android has a 50/50 success rate as it doesn’t always work on every smartphone. This is a favorable option for unrooting your device, but with a great number of Samsungs and LG that are not compatible with this app; your phone could be left unrooted after using it or

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