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You might have researched about html to WordPress conversion and realised how hard it is – Until now. A lot of sweat and tears have been shed to create the converter. It’s not ‘too good to be true’ but the result of over 100,000 lines of quality code.

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Converting HTML to WordPress (Simple Guide) – WebsiteSetup

How to Manually Convert HTML to a WordPress Theme. If your goal is to start from scratch and create your own WordPress theme that resembles your existing HTML website, start from here. Don’t worry if it sounds intimidating, you’ll see that it is anything but. This is crucial for many WordPress plugins …

CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration

Go to Admin -> Plugins, activate the “CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Migration Plugin”. Register an account or sign in to the existing one. Provide your Existing website URL address. Best case, does not convert much data, only user names 3. Worst case, it will make a mess in your database .

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HTML To WordPress converter is a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert a plain html theme into WordPress theme, it only requires some knowledge of HTML/PHP and


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HTML To WordPress Converter WordPresser May 14, 2016 Free Utilities WordPress Plugins , Free WordPress Plugins Leave a comment 3,562 Views HTML To WordPress converter is a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert a plain html theme into WordPress theme, without any knowledge of coding, it only requires some knowledge of HTML and how

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There is no better way to enhance your HTML site except for moving it to WordPress! Do it the easiest way possible with HTML to WordPress Converter Plugin. US & Canada toll free 1-800-988-7983

How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress Free Guide

It is time to import content and finish process to convert HTML website to WordPress site. In WP Admin go to Plugins > Add New and search for a plugin called HTML Import 2 . Follow user guide to import your entire directory of HTML pages.

Converting HTML Sites to WordPress Sites – Elegant Themes

I want to convert this html site to wordpress. The concern I have is that it has several affliate plugins that pull data via cron jobs from the affiliated sites. Will the html to wp converter plugins that are mentioned here be do this or is there a special method I have to use? this is the site

HTML2WP Plugin – Static HTML to WordPress Conversion

Can the plugin convert multiple html pages into one WordPress installation? In case I want to convert a salespage, a thank you page, an affiliate page, etc. Currently, you would need to …

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This is a premium wordpress plugin being sold at Codecanyon for $16, it will help you convert the HTML interface in your computer to WordPress Theme. It can determine the compositions: sidebar, menu, header, footer help you have a perfect theme without too much fixing.

Converting HTML to WordPress | Pinegrow Web Editor

Converting HTML website to WordPress theme. In this tutorial we’ll use Pinegrow to convert a one-page portfolio website into a WordPress theme. In the process we’ll cover theme structure, static front pages, custom fields, default & custom loops, using custom PHP code and registering new post types.

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The HTML to WordPress converter takes the HTML, styles, layout and images from your existing website and converts them to awesome WordPress theme online. Your website will look identical to its HTML counterpart, but you’ll have all of the benefits of using WordPress.

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convert HTML to WordPress website. The innovation scale is ceaslessly elevated to pave way for intense growth and novelty of solutions. We assure the responsiveness and dynamism of your website when you hire us to convert HTML to WordPress.


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Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress; Go to Settings → HTML Import to begin. You must save the settings before proceeding to Tools → Import → HTML. My title imported, but the content was empty! (Or vice versa.) You didn’t find the right HTML tag that surrounds the content you wanted to import.