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To see if you can upgrade, sign in here. Keeping your phone. If you’re happy with your current phone, there’s the option to switch to one of our sim only tariffs. Or, you could get credit added to your bill for closing your contract without choosing a new phone. Upgrading with O2. To upgrade: Sign in to My O2 and choose a phone

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O2 Refresh – a new kind of contract that helps you upgrade and change phones whenever you want. Separate phone & airtime payments mean no hidden costs. Skip to main content Cookies on O2. We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products.

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O2 SIM Only Upgrades. Our best O2 upgrade deals Samsung Galaxy S9 Black . £34. 00. per month . £0.00 upfront cost . Contract {{proposition.gift.modelName}} {{proposition.gift.description}} You can prevent this if you are near a national border by setting your Mobile Phone or other Equipment (as applicable) to do a manual network

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Yep, even if you didn’t sign up to your existing contract through us you can upgrade via this site. Find an o2 upgrade by manufacturer. If you are looking to get a particular phone as part of your upgrade you can use the filters in our deals table to choose the manufacturer or model that you have your eye on:

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The best O2 phone deals in January 2019. After years upon years of incremental upgrades, it finally made something special to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. This O2 contract

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Grab the Best Online Huawei P Smart 2019 Contract Upgrade Deals in UK! Free Huawei P Smart 2019 contract upgrade deals start from £18 per month , best offer is on o2 500 mins + unltd text & 500mb data for £18 per month over 24 months.

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Compare our best O2 mobile phone and SIM only deals, contracts and upgrades. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about O2: from coverage to roaming policy, perks, speeds and more.

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O2 Upgrade Deals. Upgrade to the latest smartphone device with O2. Offering affordable and premium devices, our O2 mobile contract deals are some of the best online. Can I keep the phone I currently have? O2 upgrade contracts offer all the same benefits as new O2 contracts. These include Priority Rewards and Tickets, offering you monthly

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Phones, tariffs, tablets, accessories Perks Latest Priority offers, O2 Rewards Apps Our latest apps, news, reviews Connectivity 4G, O2 Wifi, our network and more Help Help with your bill, phone, anything O2 My O2 Your bill, account,

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Contract Upgrades. We’ve partnered with lots of online retailers to give you a view of the offers available when you are looking to upgrade your current mobile phone contract. O2 and Vodafone allow you to use resellers to upgrade your contract. For other networks, you’ll need to use their online portal or contact their customer services

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O2 Mobile Phone Deals. Get a great pay monthly deal on the O2 Network, all the latest handsets at low prices. Want super deals on hot new phones and fast 4G mobile data contracts? Then check out the TigerMobiles.com selection of service plans and phones from O2.

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no you can’t O2 allow you to upgrade to a new phone in month 17 of your contract so this would be january. What Simon is reading is the terms for downgrading and upgrading your Tariff not the actual contract (if that makes sense) In other words you can increase the amount you pay each month at anytime, so you can switch from a £30 contact to the £35 a month at anytime but this would now