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In most situations, Plex apps use our Plex Companion functionality to control other apps and fling content from one app to another. In addition to that, though, our iOS and Android apps both support AirPlay to let you play content on an AirPlay device such as AppleTV.

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Dec 21, 2010 · The Airplay Option from iPad or iPhone is really a good idea, but I don’t want to buy a ATV2 just for Airplay Is there a way to get a Airplay-Plugin for the Plex Media Server (If you think of the easy two line code for Airplay activation) Thanks 4 help!!!

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Airplay to multiple devices simultaneously submitted 3 You can also relay your phone to multiple airplay speakers with airfoil. I use Plex exclusively for video and single zone audio, I prefer the PLEX interface over squeezebox. I wish they would just make a headless Plex audio receiver.

Top responsesRedditVarious devices have this kind of functionality built in, however they require the same brand at each location. E.g. Sony AVRs have “party mode” which syncs audio … read more3 votesThis works great using iTunes, and the controlled by the Remote app on any iOS device (or on the computer itself), including individual volume … read more3 votesI accomplish this with Airfoil, it’s available for Mac and PC. It’s controlled by a app called AF Remote on iOS or an app called Airfoil commander on Android. … read more1 voteSee all

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Nov 08, 2010 · More interesting for me, and what I think of when AirPlay and Plex are mentioned, is the Plex iOS app implementing AirPlay. I’m hoping that Apple feature it …

Plex On Apple TV Without PlexConnect Or Jailbreak Via

Plex on Apple TV works without PlexConnect or jailbreak via AirPlay mirroring from an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to an Apple TV by using Plex for iOS. This convenient solution is not for free, but seamlessly working.

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Dec 20, 2014 · Apple TV, Airplay, Plex question. Discussion in ‘Apple TV and Home Theater’ started by guidoverduci, Jun 11, 2013. Most Liked Posts. guidoverduci, Jun 11, 2013. guidoverduci macrumors member. Joined: Oct 17, 2008 #1. I like the convenience of the plex ipad app. I like being able to scroll through my content on the app and airplay it to the ATV.

Plex desktop app becomes Plex Home Theater, adds AirPlay

Plex desktop app becomes Plex Home Theater, adds AirPlay and HD audio

How do you connect Echo to Airplay device : amazonecho

How do you connect Echo to Airplay device (self.amazonecho) submitted 2 years ago by Doth_Gumby. I have a Windows 10 media server running Plex (not important). On that I have the TuneBlade app that takes a USB DAC audio in and streams it out over Airplay. I used a Tangent Mini VI PC that is as small as most BluRay players.

Top responsesRedditYes. I have an Echo Dot with whole house AirPlay audio and even voice control of the audio zones using Alexa. Makes Amazon Music Unlimited really … read more4 votesThe Echo does not support AirPlay. Sorry.3 votesyou could plug the echo dot into a mac’s mic port then use airfoil to play out to airplay.2 votesYeah apple pretty much has that locked down, good luck figuring that out0 votesSee all

Plex Desktop App Updates with AirPlay, HD Audio, and More

The awesome Plex streaming media center is getting a massive update for its Windows and Mac apps. The newly dubbed “Plex Home Theater” adds HD audio support, Airplay streaming (so you can stream

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Stream everything. Now you can access every media file in your collection on any device, no matter where you are. Whether your video, photo, and music files are scattered across external drives or the cloud, or neatly housed in one place, Plex organizes them all and presents everything beautifully.

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Aug 03, 2012 · I am guessing that by “plex on the Apple TV 3” you mean Airplay Plex App from an IOS device to the ATV3. and if that is the case, yes I tried it, works ok, Quality is not the quite the same, and I get some jitters pretty often, all the 720p files play ok, are those large 1080p that have some issues.

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Support Articles Frequently Asked Questions. How do I choose the right Streaming Quality in an app? Is Plex like Netflix? Why do I get the “This server is not powerful enough to convert video” message? How are Direct Play, Direct Stream, and Transcoding different? Can I use AirPlay with Plex? Why won’t trailers or extras play? Why don