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Getting Incense. Otherwise, Incense is given to Pokemon GO trainers as a reward for reaching level 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20. If you already used all your reward Incense or don’t want to wait for your trainer to reach one of those levels, you can purchase it from the shop with 80 PokeCoins .

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Incense is a valuable freebie or purchased commodity in Pokemon Go – but use it wisely. Incense is one of Pokemon Go’s most vital and valuable trainer tools for catching more Pokemon and rarer

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Incense. When you first start playing Pokémon Go, the game gives you two incense pots to get you going; you can find them in the items menu (tap the PokéBall at the bottom of the screen). Incense will draw in nearby Pokémon by emitting a mysterious fragrance. Each incense pot lasts 30 minutes.

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Pokemon GO: How To Best Use Incense, Pokemon Spawn Rate Formula Revealed. According to the discovery made by these users, Incense spawns 1 Pokemon after every 5 minutes if the player is stationary. The formula changes if the player is walking as the Pokemon spawn rate increases to 1 Pokemon per minute or after every 200 meters covered by the player.

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Guide to Using Incense. When you are standing still, Incense produces one spawn every 5 minutes. However, Incense is much stronger if you are moving. Each minute the game will check how far you have moved. Each time you have travelled at least 200 meters from the previous spawn, you will get …

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Incense is an item in Pokemon Go that attracts Pokemon to a trainer’s location, regardless of where they are.Many players will use incense to play Pokemon Go while sitting at home, work, or some

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Step 3: Tap your Pokemon Go Incense to select it. Step 4: Tap it one more time to activate it, once activated you will see a timer in the Top Right of your screen. this timer will indicate the amount of time your Incense has left.

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Luckily there is a new theory making the rounds that tells you how to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go using nothing but an incense. We already showed you how to use incense in Pokemon Go, but if you need a refresher check out this guide .

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To use incense, click the pokeball at bottom and go to items. There you will find all the items you have like Pokeballs, Incense, Potion, etc. Select incense and then click anywhere on the map. The incense should start its work.

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Incense, an item that really helps players catch more Pokemon, has been a bit confusing for some. It’s important to know how it works though, or you’re adventures in Pokemon Go will definitely be worse for it. So, here’s our quick guide on how to use incense in Pokemon Go.

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The Incense is one of the Items both purchasable and found in Pokemon Go. From the start, you are given 2 as you begin the game. They can also be bought in the Store for 80 PokeCoins for 1, 500

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Jul 08, 2016 · One of the items that you’ll find yourself with at the start of your adventure in Pokemon GO is Incense. Here’s what it is and how to use it to help you on your way. 8 Best Kingdom Hearts

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The best time and place to use it of course is when there are lots of Pokemon nearby. Use the Nearby menu and the rustling grass on the map to see how close Pokemon are before you decide to use the incense.