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If you’re a beginner with email, choosing a Windows email client can be confusing. Many apps offer so much functionality that learning it all becomes overwhelming. In this case, less is more: Your best choice is a basic email client that’s easy to use and offers a good help system.

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Mar 02, 2010 · Simple email client, plx! So I happily installed Windows 7 Pro on my laptop and desktop. I have used GMail for about two years now and its nice, but I’d like to utilize Outlook and Office and GMail doesn’t interface well (AT ALL!) with Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook. Given that Outlook is the preferred brand of Microsoft’s webmail service, it is no …

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Get EmailTray – a simple email client for Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 It supports all popular Webmail services and protocols: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, POP3 and IMAP.

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Sep 28, 2013 · In reply to: What email client is the best for windows 7 Madmn41, I’ve used a lot of email clients over the years, but the two that I’m willing to recommend are Microsoft Outlook.

I can’t tell you what the best is, only that I’m using Thunderbird myself. On these forums we see more questions/problems/issues with Windows Live Mail than with Thunderbird. But that could very well be caused because more people use it. But I don’t think I can recommend Incredimail. Kees3Since my office supplies Outlook, it’s nice too. Can’t write good words about “Live” or Incredi-____.0I use Windows Mail 6.1. Windows 7 has Windows Mail from Vista, but it is inactivated by default. If you were happy with Outlook Express on XP, you’ll be happy with Windows Mail on Windows 7., I’ve used a lot of email clients over the years, but the two that I’m willing to recommend are Microsoft Outlook. I know, it’s a little pricey, but if you buy a subscription to Office 365 Home Premium, you get the whole office suite for only $100.00 a year. The other client I use, is Microsoft’s own free client Now I have to admit that I use Outlook the most, but I still have my for other things. One of the nice features is I can go on any computer with Internet access and check my mail with So I hope this helps you some. Regards, TMV0Which is the best commuter car? Same sort of question, very much personal choice. Personally, I use Thunderbird, have since the days it was in beta. Clean simple interface, not heavy on system resources, accommodates POP and IMAP mailservers and very configurable. I actually prefer the older XP skin to the current one but that’s no problem, just install the appropriate add-on. The only recommendation I’d make it to compact the folders (under the File menu) because they can grow a bit because deleted messages are flagged, not physically deleted. Empty folders automatically compact but your inbox probably won’t..2I use Eudora OSE. Part of this is because, back in the early ’90s when I was the Internet Services Administrator for a Federal agency well-known for its extreme technological prowess, we decided to standardize on our email clients agency-wide and did a comprehensive study all the email clients available at the time. We found old Qualcomm Eudora to be the best balance of compatibility, features and ease of use. I’ve used it and its open-source successor ever since. Eudora OSE is basically a user interface overlay atop Mozilla Thunderbird that preserves the look and feel (to a large extent) of the old Qualcomm product. It’s freeware and open-source, and that’s always nice. It is also VERY easy to transfer all the data and settings, including all saved email and the folder structure in which you retain it, from one computer to another. But all the email clients do most of the same things, just some do some in different ways. I think most people still use Outlook or Outlook Express (or its successor, Windows Live Mail), and it’s not a bad product, but I just don’t like it much myself. It’s purely a personal taste thing.2Hi, I installed Windows Live on my computer. This includes Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery. Windows Live Messenger has been recently replaced by Skype. I have added all my email accounts (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to Windows Live Mail. Easy to use and the Help files are pretty good. You do not have to install all the components, just those you think are useful to you. You can also update at a later time. PaulS2Try Mailbird. Its new windows email clients. I’ve been trying it for couple of months and I love it. It IS really easy to use and pretty much one stop service for all I need in emailing stuff.. you can grab it here: (free) fyi, seira4

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