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Summoners War Raid Team Guide. A simple HP and/or Def number are only 2 factors out of hundreds that contribute to your team’s raid success. No one gets their raid team perfect on their first try, and all teams will require extensive testing and adjustment. A comprehensive list of all raid-viable monsters.

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Rift Raid Guide Part 3 – Team Suggestions Part Three of this guide begins to help summoners with building a Raid team. R5 Raid Speed Teams Raid Standard Teams Raid YOLO Teams Rift of Worlds Rift Raid Summoners War. R5, Raid Speed Teams, Raid Standard Teams, Raid YOLO Teams, Rift of Worlds, Rift Raid, Summoners War. Similar Monsters.

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The Rift Raid is unique content in Summoners War that allows three players to simultaneously fight the boss together. This battle is set to auto, so you are unable to do the fight manually. Because of this, the best way to increase your chances of successfully beating the Rift Raid Boss …

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Create, share and discuss team builds for Giants, Dragon, Necropolis, Trial of Ascension, Raids and more.

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As noted earlier, damage is a requirement for raids, even for beginner teams. As you improve your raid team you should be adding more and more sources of damage to your team. Xiao Lin (and to a lesser extent the light/dark variants) – her damage is absolutely insane and she is the undisputed best raid …

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Once battle begins, each player will fight against one of the three heads of the Raid boss, each with its own attack gauge. However the 3 headed boss has a singular HB bar and debuffs a single party successfully puts on the boss will be shared with every team in the battle.

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/r/swguilds Recruit or search SW guilds /r/swart Summoners War Art . created by Lagz same as Reid a community for 4 years. message the moderators. MODERATORS. Guide Raid Team templates/progression I’ve often seen a raid too light on def breaks leading to very long runs. On the other hand some teams bring a lot of buffs and no heal block

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Fire Beast Raid Dungeon suggested team. The main idea is to bring 3 AoE attackers, 2 single target nukers and a healer, additionally def breakers and slow debuffers are welcome. is one of the best natural 2 stars Fire monster in Summoners War, she is the most used monster in Necropolis B10, in Rift of Worlds and even in early game as a

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Darion (primary defense break, secondary attack break, tank, and group damage reduction). My leader would be Tesarion (Res) or Xing Zhe (HP%) depending on the raid need. This leaves a cleanse position, I have Kona, Mav, Fedora (long recast but would add an unrecoverable debuff I lack on my team…