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Nov 29, 2002 · Phillip Noyce achieves a remarkable triumph in his version of The Quiet American by staying true the Graham Greene’s text. Christopher Hampton’s adaptation of the book never strays away from the basic premise of the story. This film in someone else’s hands would have probably evolved into …


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Author: Graham Greene The Quiet American (9780142001387): Graham

“The Quiet American” takes place in 1950s Vietnam, a time when the French were still the ones fighting the Viet-Minh, and American involvement was all but invisible. It is narrated in the first person by Thomas Fowler, an English reporter living there and covering the war.


The Quiet American by Graham Greene

The “quiet” American (he never shuts up) steps into a world he knows nothing about and creates havoc. My problem with the book was a problem common to many similar authors (DeLillo, I’m looking at you): it was very male-centric and I got annoyed.

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The Quiet American is a lovely little mover, barely breaking into a sweat as it dances its dreadful dance of love and need to the backing tune of political unrest, moral ambiguity and subterfuge.


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The Quiet American is a novel by Graham Greene that was first published in 1955.

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The Quiet American is loosely adapted from Graham Greene’s penetrating 1956 book about the Indo-China War. Apr 21, 2003

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