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Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation VR

Everything You Need to Know About PlayStation VR. The future of technology, though, will take it one step further. Meet PlayStation VR, a Virtual Reality headset that’s ready to become the industry leader for virtual reality. The device will release October, 2016 and looks like it will take immersion- and gaming as whole- to the next level.

PlayStation VR: Everything You Need to Know About PSVR

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both need high-end gaming PCs, whereas the PlayStation VR requires a PS4. The HTC Vive, developed in partnership with Valve, is generally seen as the highest-end VR system, since it comes with sophisticated tracked controllers designed specifically for VR.

Do you really need a PS4 for PlayStation VR? | VRHeads

PlayStation VR is a great headset and has an expanding library of games with a few standouts that really make it worth the money. Just because it has PlayStation in the name, however, doesn’t exactly mean you need a PlayStation 4 to use it. To indulge your curiosity and to help some of you decide if

PlayStation VR – What You Need to Play | Feature | Prima Games

To make PlayStation VR work you will also need the PlayStation Camera. The PlayStation Camera has a suggested retail price of $59.99, but with a quick search on …

Here’s why you need the PS4 camera for PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR Core Bundle, which would have set you back about $400 already if you managed a pre-order, doesn’t come with a camera or Move controllers. What’s the big fuss? Why do you need that older hardware with your VR experience?

Sony PlayStation VR: Essential guide to the hardware

PlayStation VR: Audio. When using PS VR you plug in your headphones directly to the headset to make use of the binaural 3D audio. This 3D audio makes it seem like noise is hitting your ears from different directions (including above and below you) and distances, …