what network does tesco mobile run on

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Feb 03, 2011 · What network does tesco mobile run on? I’m thinking of getting the iphone 4 from tesco but not sure if i will receive signal where i am I can get o2 and orange where i live.. not tmobile and vodaphone though.

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Tesco Mobile was established in May 2003, it is run on the O2 network in the United Kingdom, and as such, has 99% network coverage in the United Kingdom. Other locations. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Headquarters: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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But there are various reasons you might want to choose Tesco Mobile over O2 – or any other network – and some reasons you might not want to. So read on for a full overview and review of the network. Coverage. Tesco Mobile has almost 100% population coverage with 4G, 3G and 2G, so you’re almost certain to get a signal.

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Network Coverage. Tesco Mobile uses the Three network, one of the biggest networks in Ireland with 99.6% population coverage (plus 97.8% coverage for 3G data services and 93.6% for 4G services). As we’re using the Three network, our 4G coverage is the same as theirs so we have you covered pretty much everywhere. Now our customers are benefiting

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Tesco Mobile was the first supermarket to enter the mobile marketplace and has made a name for itself when it comes to choice and customer service. You may wonder what a supermarket knows about running a phone network, so we’ve taken a look.

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tesco phones dont take o2 sim cards but o2 phones do take tesco sim cards tested in a few handsets over xmas period as i was shopping for a phone for my dad on tesco mobile , we bought him an o2 phone which works great with a tesco mobile sim card

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Live status checker If you’re having problems with your signal, you can use the live status checker to see if maintenance work is going on in your area or there’s a problem with the network. It’s updated hourly, 24/7, and shows any problems with our 2G, 3G and 4G networks – which are managed by O2.

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There are actually only four UK mobile networks – EE*, Three, O2* and Vodafone* (check signal using Ofcom’s Mobile Coverage Checker ). All the other providers ‘piggyback’ – ie, buy space from – one of these four networks. For example, Tesco and Giffgaff are on …

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Coverage map. Tesco Mobile runs on the O2 network. Please see our Tesco coverage page to learn the network coverage in your area. For more information, compare it with other mobile phone …

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Does anyone know, if you get an iPhone on tesco does it say ‘TESCO’ on the top of your phone where it usually says O2? I know it sounds weird but I’m not sure I could deal with that My parents use Tesco mobile and yes it says Tesco on it, not O2.