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Fly-fishing is another popular way to fish for trout. It requires more specialized equipment and tools, but a good starter outfit could include: Graphite 5-weight fly rod, 9 feet long. Matching fly reel. Weight forward, 5-weight fly line. Tapered monofilament leaders, 4x 7.5 feet long. Spools of 4x and 5x tippet.

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A standard trout fishing rig would include a spinning reel, 4-8 lb test flurocarbon line and a light or ultralight action rod. There are two big rules to remember when trout fishing: 1. Powerbait will only work on stocked trout (most likely), and 2.

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Two Tips on How to Catch Trout in Winter. There are two main things to keep in mind when figuring out how to catch trout in Winter. Those are slowing yourself down and choosing the best days possible to head out on the water.

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What stickbait lures to use to catch stocked trout Minnow shaped lures from two inches to just over three inches work well for catching stocked brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. Two to two and a half inches is the general sweet spot.

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Trout Fishing Tips for Beginners: There are many fishing enthusiasts who have heard about trout fishing but never got a chance to learn how to catch trout.This is the reason why we wrote this article. We hope this guide can help you get started with trout fishing.

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The most common and easiest species of trout to catch in North America, rainbow trout are found both stocked and wild in lakes and rivers. Packing a wide variety of lures allows you to try different lures and adapt to the rainbow trout’s liking from day to day, even hour to hour.

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Jan 23, 2019 · Quick Summary. If you want to catch lake trout, use a light-action rod with 4 to 6 pound test line. For your lure, choose a spinner with a weightless lure or opt for salmon or minnows if you prefer live bait. Then, look for a cold, deep lake in your region since lake trout …