why iphone is better than samsung

10 Reasons the iPhone Beats Android – Tom’s Guide

Much, much faster: If you’re thinking of buying the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, know that …

Why Apple’s iPhone is still better than the Samsung Galaxy

Why the iPhone 7 is still better than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Just look at the reviews. While everyone praised Samsung’s hardware and design, it’s clear that Samsung misfired on the software side of things. Bixby, Samsung’s homegrown digital assistant, is basically useless and fails in its attempt to mimic Google’s Assistant.

iPhone vs Android: 13 Reasons iPhone is Better in 2018

Aug 23, 2018 · Apps are even better (which surprises me why it isn’t the same for a Mac vs Windows) iPhone’s are faster than most android phones….But if you compare it …

Author: Josh Smith

11 reasons why Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is better than Apple’s

Author: Matthew Miller

Reasons why the Galaxy S9 is better than the iPhone X

The iPhone X’s OLED display is great, but the Galaxy S9’s is better. Apple may finally have given …

9 Reasons Why iPhone Is Still Better Than Android | Inc.com

The iPhone Is Easy. Android Is Homework. The beauty of Apple design is that you can pick up any …

10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone

Choices, choices, and more choices When you choose an Android phone, you have what seems …

7 Reasons Why iPhone 8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S8

Camera. The Camera of iPhone 7 is superior to that of Samsung Galaxy 8. So, it is but obvious to …

Top 10 Reasons iPhone 6 Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S5

Top 10 Reasons iPhone 6 Is Better Than Samsung Galaxy S5. Chris Voss — September 13, 2014 So why is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus better than the Samsung Galaxy S5? In so many ways.

Why is Apple better than Samsung? – Quora

Dec 17, 2018 · Samsung puts in loads and loads of features/skins on top of stock Android and while the hardware could be superior to iPhone and can run Android better; the skins do slow the phone …

Why are iPhones better than Samsung? – Quora Apr 21, 2018
Is iPhone better than Samsung phones? Nov 09, 2017
How is Samsung better than Apple? – Quora Feb 26, 2017
Why apple is always better than samsung even after Jun 02, 2016

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Better Than iPhone – Why Is Samsung Better Than iPhone

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Six Reasons Why iPhone 5 Will be Better than Samsung

Six Reasons Why iPhone 5 Will be Better than Samsung Galaxy S III. For comparison – only 33% of the respondents were ready to purchase the new iPad. Of course, you can make some discount on the gray market saturation, but it must be admitted that the Galaxy S III is an amazingly popular model among users. Apple in their own manner is persuaded that soon no competitor will make it possible to …

Why Samsung is Better Than iPhone? – YouTube

May 09, 2017 · Why Samsung is Better Than iPhone? – In this video we take a look at that question, and I break it down to 10 points as to why Samsung Galaxy is a better purchase than a Apple iPhone …