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BT Home Hub 5 settings guide – how to make it faster and

The BT Home Hub 5 uses the super-fast 802.11ac wireless standard, which only runs on the 5GHz radio band; the 2.4GHz band uses the older and slower 802.11n standard.

BT Home Hub 5 Router – Login, IP address, Username and

Reset BT Home Hub 5 Router; BT Home Hub 5 Factory Settings; How to login to the BT Home Hub 5 router interface. To login the router with the preconfigured default data, follow the guide to BT Home Hub 5 login. User’s manual for BT Home Hub 5 Router. Quick and easy solutions to your BT Home Hub 5 router problems can be found in the user’s


re: home hub 5 – setting static lan ip address for printer On my previous network, the IP address for the printer was The printer is still set to this address (which is within the range of addresses apparently used by the HH5) and all of our other devices have their ports set to this address.

Accessing the Hub Manager using a Hub 3 or Hub 5 – BT Business

How can I find my static IP address and get information on IP addresses? Changing wireless settings on your BT Business Hub 5 Where can I download the BT Business Hub 5 quick start user guide? Popular articles. What do the lights mean on my BT Business Hub? How can I find my static IP address and get information on IP addresses?

BT Home Hub 5 Login – Login with IP address, Username and

BT Home Hub 5 IP address does not work If you cannot login to the BT Home Hub 5 router with the IP address above, make sure you are connected to it using a wireless connection or a cable connection and if everything is fine, make sure the physical connection is alright …

Solved: BT Business Hub 5 with Fixed IP address – “Router

I was expecting the address to be used as the router’s IP address, and therefore as the NAT IP for devices that haven’t been assigned one of the 5 static IPs in my BT Hub. If that isn’t the way it works then fair enough, but it is a bit confusing

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BT Hub 5 refuses to offer connected device in DMZ

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How can I set up or change the admin password on my BT Hub

Our helpful guide shows you how to change the admin password on your BT Hub. Also, what to do if you’ve forgotten it. Help and support. Help and Support. Broadband help. Broadband help. Fix a problem. Fix a problem Recipient’s email address: * Required. Your email address: * Required. Your name: * Required. Related articles. Where do I find

BT Home Hub Help – How To Log In – FileSaveAs UK

BT Home Hub Help – How To Log In The default IP address for the BT Home Hub is BT Home Hub Control Panel – ON a v2.0 Hub . To make changes to your Home Hub settings, you’ll need to enter an admin password, and for older Home Hubs, a username as well

How do I assign multiple static IP addresses on the BT

How do I assign multiple static IP addresses on the BT Business Hub 5? To assign multiple static IP addresses, Once the static IP address is applied to your device you’ll need to re-boot it so that it picks up the new IP address from the Business Hub 5.