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Dec 04, 2012 · Alex Wawro, Associate Editor. Touch Cover: The Touch Cover is a light, compact, poor excuse for a keyboard. I spent the lion’s share of my (admittedly brief) time using the Touch Cover simply relearning how to type without peeking at my fingers. Using Surface RT with a Touch Cover is doable, but it isn’t enjoyable.

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Now, you’re on the Amazon website ready to buy one and you’re having a touch vs type cover dilemma. It might sound like a trivial thing to worry about but they are as much as $119 or $129 for the touch or type models respectively (from the Microsoft Store). If you’re like me, for that kind of money, you don’t want to make a decision lightly.

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Nov 13, 2012 · According to the specs Type Cover will add both bulk and weight. Touch Cover: 3.25mm thick and ~0.46lbs Type Cover: 6mm thick and ~0.55lbs Hard to say what that means in the real world when attached to the tablet. The thickness would probably be noticeable but not necessarily the weight.

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The first, the amazingly thin and light Touch Cover, comes in five pretty colors and essentially and offers an excellent typing experience on what is essentially the inside of a screen cover. Touch Cover. The second, the Type Cover, is a more traditional hardware keyboard with actual mechanical keys that offer actual feedback as you type. Type

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The Touch Cover keyboard is okay for what it is. It’s surprisingly responsive, even. But it’s no match for the Type Cover. The Surface users I support and others I know tell me that they’re only able to type at about 80 percent speed with Touch Cover, and that’s after two weeks of regular use. If you type …

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May 24, 2013 · Surface Touch Cover vs Type Cover. Another reason to avoid the Touch Cover is an ongoing, and very irritating, random muting bug when using one. The Type Cover (£109), meanwhile, while more expensive, is slightly nicer to type on and has a smoother, low-friction touchpad with proper buttons rather than touch zones.


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Feb 12, 2013 · Hey, for anyone on the touch cover vs type cover debate, I tested and found the touchpad to be better (for my use) on the touch cover. I wanted the type cover to be the one but found an issue with the right click.

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Dec 21, 2018 · Touch Covers. If you have a Touch Cover, it’s one of these two: Touch Cover has mute, volume, and play/pause keys to the right of the Esc key. Touch Cover is an exact size match for Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2. Touch Cover 2 has keys to control keyboard backlighting, mute, and play/pause keys to the right of the Esc key.

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By using the same material and form of the touch cover, as well as removing the physical mouse, the type cover 2 was noticeably thinner against the surface and flush. Meaning the difference between the touch cover 1 and the type cover 2 attached to the Surface was minimal.

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In this article we are comparing Windows surface Touch cover vs Type cover on different factors such as features, specifications and more. If you have your eyes on Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and you cannot decide whether to go for Touch cover or Type cover, then you have probably landed on the right place.

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Nov 04, 2013 · Type Cover 2: Looks like it has been left in the sun as the keys are black, but the surround is fabric and much much lighter, a dark grey. Type Cover (Winner): Sooth comfortable almost leather feel surround. Type Cover 2: Horrid fabric surround which feels terrible to the touch. Type Cover (Winner): Smooth comfortable track pad.

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