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Starting Seeds Indoors: Tips and Tricks for Starting Seeds

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There are several good reasons to start vegetable plants from seed indoors: By starting vegetables indoors, you gain 4 to 6 weeks over crops started by seed in the ground.

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Printable Seed Starting Calendar. My average date of last frost is May 26. I start seeds over the spring months based on that date. Adjust your planting schedule based on your average frost free date. For instance, if your last frost free date is May 15, you should seed early cabbage indoors in Late March, harden in Late April, and transplant in Early May.

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Indoor Seed Starting. Many vegetable seed packets state a number of days to maturity, such as “65 days” or “80 days.” Make sure you know whether that means days from sowing the seed or days from transplanting outdoors; it varies from vegetable to vegetable.

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When to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors for Spring Planting. Since the average last frost date is around April 8 in my area, I should start these seeds between February 11 and 25 to give them 6-8 weeks to grow for planting after April 8. To be safe, I err on the late side, to reduce the risk of a surprise late season frost or freeze.

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Flower seeds to start indoors. Each flower has specific requirements for how soon they should be seeded. Pansies and violets, for instance, should be seeded about 14 weeks before the last frost, while asters and marigolds should be seeded about six weeks before the last frost.

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Broccoli. Plantings must be timed so that the clusters of small flower buds the plant produces can …

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Q. Mike: I’ve been listening to your show for almost two years, and am now getting ready (in mid-January) to start my summer vegetables for the very first time (I have an average last frost date of April 1st). I’ve been studying your seed-starting advice and the tips in GA catalog request, but I’m still unsure which vegetables should be started indoors, and which should be sown directly in the

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Best Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors. Save money on vegetable seedlings and grow superior varieties of vegetables by starting seeds indoors. With a proper setup and some determination, you can start your own vegetable seedlings indoors. Start seedlings in containers that will hold 3 to 4 ounces of moist seed-starting mix.

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Starting seeds indoors requires equipment, (grow lights, pots, soil, seeds, fan, fertilizer) time, and much devotion to ensure the seedlings are growing well, getting enough light, water and wind. All of this hard work can be lost to disease, accident, or neglect.

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Vegetables can be planted indoors or outdoors. Normally, Read on for information on where to sow vegetable seeds. Starting Seeds Indoors vs. Direct Sowing Outside. If you start your vegetable seed planting at the right time for your area, you’ll have strong, vigorous seedlings ready to go into the ground once the regular growing

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