women are better than men

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Psychic powers. Not only can women tell why their baby is crying, they can also be absolutely sure …

Women are better than men at the free throw line

12 days ago · Women are better than men at the free throw line. We found that women shoot at 3 percent higher consistency than men. Men and women are very close, but the women edge out the men.

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Women Are Better. Other than obviously physical strength, women are better and more important than men in every other way. Women are smarter and have a higher college graduation rate. In the future women will likely be the dominant gender. Women also tend to make better leaders. This is no real purpose for men other than to help reproduce.

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Men are not social chameleons. A woman can change herself according to any gathering within a …

Seven things women are definitely better at than men

T here are some things that women will never be better at than men. A female victor of the World’s Strongest Man title seems a way off, for instance. And girls will never be better at ignoring

Men Are Better Than Women, by Dick Masterson

Peacocks are better than peahens, men are better than women at loading a dishwasher, and Mars is better than Venus. If you spend enough time on Venus, your fucking face will melt off. Chauvinism solves all of life’s mysteries and it will get you laid.

Research: Women Are Better Under Pressure Than Men

At least one lab experiment has shown that women respond more positively to increasing pressure in a single-sex environment than they do in a mixed-sex one, while men perform better in the latter.

Young women are better than men at ‘adulting’ in every way

And the future looks promising. Since 2000, one-third more women more women than men have graduated college, according to a Pew Research study.

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In a revealing Pew survey, both men and women thought women are better people than men — more compassionate, honest, intelligent, outgoing and creative. The sexes were tied when it came to perceptions of their work ethic and ambitiousness. The only …

17 Ways That Science Proves Women Are Superior To Men

Women are smarter than men. Once women started demanding equal rights, their IQ …