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Some indexers are better for different things. I use 3 and while they share a lot (a lot a lot), one tends to have more UK stuff and one has more music, so there is a difference. Shop around, do some trials, grab some decent freebies.

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May 14, 2016 · It looks like Omgwtfnzbs is currently having problems and not working. Fanzub is dead. Wombles supports new releases but not backlog search. Does anyone know any other good supported indexers that can be used with Sona…

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Supported Indexers · Sonarr/Sonarr Wiki · GitHub

Torznab. Known indexers:, Anime Tosho and Nyaa Pantsu. Torznab is a wordplay on Torrent and Newznab. It uses the same structure and syntax as the Newznab API specification, but exposing torrent-specific attributes and .torrent files. Thus supports a recent rss …

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Do not ask for invites to trackers or indexers, there are other subreddits for this purpose Stay on topic, topics not related to Sonarr will be removed created by markus-101 Team Sonarr a …

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In Sonarr go to Settings -> Indexers. Click on the Add icon (+ icon) Then in torrents section click on Torznab: Go to Jackett and click on “Copy Torznab” button for KickassTorrents: Come back to Sonarr and paste the URL you just copied in the URL textbox: And copy the API key in Jackett (remember top right corner) in the API textbox in Sonarr.

The Ultimate Server Part 6 – Setting up sonarr (NzbDrone

Indexers tab. We need to start adding in our indexers. Open up that text file with our API keys that we made in step 4 and use the big plus icon to add indexers. Go down the list below and keep adding indexers. Click the Presets drop-down listed on Newznab and select Paste in your API key.

Implementing a Torznab indexer · Sonarr/Sonarr Wiki · GitHub

Sonarr supports a Newznab-like api dubbed Torznab. This api offers a standardized recent/search api for both tv and movies (of which Sonarr only uses tv). The Newznab api specification is built around a simple rss feed with filtering and paging capabilities. It was designed for usenet primarily, but it can be easily adapted for torrents.

Add Custom Torrent Trackers in Sonarr using Jackett Guide

In Sonarr click Settings and then Indexers. Under Torrent in the Torznab section click Custom. Give the Provider a Name to identify it in Sonarr. For URL paste the Torznab Host shown in the previous screenshot in the Jackett interface. For API Key paste the Jackett API Key from the previous screenshot. Click Test, if all is well click Save.